To spread awareness of the upcoming reboot of the classic DuckTales cartoon series, Disney partnered with Theorist to create content that was aimed at both adult fans of the series who remember the original show as well as new fans of Disney for whom this would be their first introcution to DuckTales. The campaign had to be family friendly, touch on key themes from the show, incorporate footage from Disney XD's real-life coin vault activation, and reintroduce important characters from the series.



The Approach

Theorist created a custom campaign on the Film Theorist channel that answering one of the series' oldest questions, just how rich is Scrooge McDuck?


The Results

300%+ Total View Goal
The episode achieved over 300% of Disney's total view goal in the first 30 days

120k likes + 16k comments
The episode currently has 4.3 views and growing