To raise awareness about Google Daydream by creating a piece of premium custom content that could be viewed using the Google Daydream device. Daydream also requested that the project utilize the brand new Jump 360 camera technology.



The Approach

Theorist created a custom two-part video series fully showcasing the capabilities and functionality of the Daydream system. The custom series revolved around gaming culture in Japan, where Theorist filmed 360 video on-location to bring viewers into the experience using Google Daydream technology.


The Results

Theorist vastly exceeded the content expectations of the campaign, producing two, 20-minute long-form 360 videos for the Daydream project. The videos were shot in full 360 and were some of the first videos in the world to be shot in 360 8K.

in the first month

96% like ratio
despite being a significant departure from other channel programming.  The team continues to receive requests for follow-on episodes from viewers.