To support their new and existing roster of talent, Defy partnered with Theorist to serve as white label audience development team members to perform ongoing strategic channel analyses. Theorist worked with over 40 partner channels and the 5 largest O&O properties in the Defy network from 2015 - 2017.

The Approach

Theorist developed fully custom channel analyses for Defy partner channels, analyzing all major YouTube analytics and providing strategic creative recommendations based on data trends.


The Results

Creators who have partnered with Theorist for strategic channel analyses have many of their own individual success stories. These include, just to name a few:

15%+ Increased CTR
On end-screens after implementing end screen optimization tactics

40% Increased Subscriber Rate
After adjusting content cadence based on channel data

40% Increased Channel Page Clicks
After implementing thumbnail optimization tactics

10% Increased Suggested Traffic
On the channel after implementing Theorist-recommended tagging strategy