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The Game Theorists takes video game franchises from every genre and fuses them together with science, math, and history to reveal mind-blowing theories that change the way you look at your favorite characters and games. From revealing the secret lore of Five Nights At Freddy’s to explaining the futuristic tech of Halo, or picking apart the dark secrets of the Mario universe, it doesn’t get nerdier than this.

Fans of this channel love video games and are interested in math and science. They tend to be teens and adults from around the world who are interested in learning while being entertained.

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The Film Theorists over-analyzes your favorite movies, anime, and TV to separate the real world from the movie magic. We dissect your favorite Marvel superhero lore, explain the physics of Dragonball’s Kamehameha wave, and figure out how to win the Hunger Games using statistics.

Fans of this show are pop-culture savvy and love staying up to date with the best TV and movie releases, then sharing their thoughts and ideas with their communities. They tend to be teens and adults around the world who are interested in engaging more deeply in the entertainment they enjoy.

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GTLive is a livestreaming channel for fans of live, unfiltered activities and conversations that allow them to connect with their favorite creators in real time. GTLive represents a community of Loyal Theorists that initially stemmed from the Game Theorists and Film Theorists, but has now taken on a life of its own.

Fans of this show have made GTLive part of their entertainment routine and maintain a growing community with other Loyal Theorists across platforms. They're also an incredibly dedicated community, engaging daily across the internet to show their GTLive pride. They tend to be teens, young adults, and young families around the world.

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