We help companies use social video metrics to inform creative decision making.

A soup-to-nuts analysis of your channel’s data and analytics, as well as qualitative front-end experience. Audits can be a one-off analysis or part of a longer-term strategic partnership.

Audits are a great first step for branded channels and independent creators to improve their video performance, or update their current strategy based on data insights.

In organizations with many stakeholders involved in social video creation, it’s important that everyone’s work is aligned and that all teams, from creative to metrics, are working towards the same goals.

We provide workshops for individuals, teams, and companies on platform best practices, up-to-date changes, and user tested tips and tricks for increasing success in social video.

We help clients who are starting a new initiative on an existing channel, adding a new account to a larger portfolio, or expanding programming on a new platform.

We provide support at every step from pre-production through post-launch reporting and post-mortem analyses. These projects are tailored towards specific vertical(s) and platform(s) and equip all teams involved with best practices along the way.

Identifying and partnering with the right influencer still challenges many brands, especially in unfamiliar genres, content verticals, or on new platforms.

We provide ecosystem reports by platform to help brands better understand the trends their target audience is following, the organic creators they love, and the influencer partnerships best suited to their brand.

Haven’t seen what you are looking for?

We work with our clients to craft solutions that work for them, or help find partnerships that meet their needs.

A white glove approach.

The digital media landscape is only getting more complicated. Understanding the platforms where your brand will succeed can help you set the right goals and reach them faster.

As creators, we know every project and online community is different. As consultants, we build custom solutions so our individual clients’ needs are best met.

We don’t just believe in helping brands through our own experience, we’re interested in teaching brands how to help themselves for success in the long term.