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Game Theory Launches

Game Theory launched on independent gaming website, Screwattack.com and quickly became one of the most successful series on the site, despite only being a member-made series

Game Theory Moves West!

Game Theory moves to Los Angeles and Matthew Patrick begins work at Big Frame, a then-startup of <10 employees, where he founds audience development for the MCN. Game Theory reaches 50,000 subscribers.

Audience Development Goes Independent

Matthew Patrick begins work at Defy Media as their head of audience development. Stephanie begins working with Matthew to support growing demand for consulting from other YouTube creators. Theorist Inc. is established and Game Theory reaches 1M subscribers

Team Theorist Goes Independent

Matthew Patrick leaves Defy Media to work on Game Theory full-time as the channel reaches 2.5M subscribers. Stephanie and Matthew remain the white-label consultancy serving as Defy’s audience development arm and Theorist takes on its first independent brands as consulting clients. The Game Theorists is now a Google Preferred channel and Matthew begins representing the channel at VidCon and Brandcast.

New Channels, New Strategies

Film Theorist launches in June 2015 and gains 1M subscribers in the first month. GTLive launches with the launch of YouTube Gaming in August 2015 and becomes YouTube’s largest regular livestreaming channel. Theorist consulting expands significantly to take on major corporate clients, additional MCNs, and long-term partnerships.

Theorist Team Growth

The Game Theorists reaches 7M subscribers and hosts the YouTube Red series, Game Lab. Film Theorists reaches 4M subscribers, and GTLive reaches 1M subscribers. Theorist consulting has a full client roster and takes on new Fortune 500 clients across the US; Theorist team doubles in size for the second year in a row.

Theorist’s Expanding Footprint In Digital

The Game Theorists reaches 8M subscribers, Film Theorists reaches 5M subscribers, and Theorist is now looking to new expansion opportunities across platforms and verticals. Theorist consulting is now a major player in digital strategy conversations in the industry and in major national publications. Our clients continue to expand into virtually all content categories, from major publishers to consumer products.

In The Press

The latest web series released under the Smosh banner invites its guests to dive deep into their social media archives. You Posted That, which is produced by Smosh owner Defy Media and hosted by the brand’s co-founder Ian Hecox, is a game show that features prominent social media stars as its contestants.

Viacom tapped social influencer Matthew Patrick, known to his fans as MatPat, to consult on the TV giant's social media and branded content strategy.

Patrick's company Theorist, which he runs with his wife Stephanie, signed a 12-month contract with Viacom to work across all of its brands, which include MTV, VH1 and Comedy Central.

Saying data is powerful doesn’t turn heads anymore. It’s acknowledged that today's digital economy is predicated on leveraging and optimizing data collection. It improves decision-making through intelligence. For startups, this access to information shapes a number of early processes. These are generally domains commonly associated with quantitative data such as market analysis, product feedback and business modelling.

When Matthew Patrick, or MatPat as he’s known online, graduated college, he didn’t know how well his two areas of focus would combine. As a neuroscience and theater double major, he eventually decided to put together his creativity and analytical skills to figure out why things are popular online.